Insanely Cheap Photo Birthday Invite

Fullscreen capture 8242014 34221 PM

The first place I go to for birthday invitations and Christmas cards is Shutterfly.  They always have really great designs on flat cardstock and I love adding photos to the cards.  With Margaux’s first birthday coming up, I did like I always do, and scrolled through the Shutterfly birthday invites.  I found this:

Shutterfly card design

Cute!  I love the cards with a  photo background with words layered overtop. But…  When I got it ready to order, I just couldn’t bring myself to cough up nearly $30 for only 15 cards, as simple as this design was.

shutterfly screen shot

So my frugal instincts kicked in and I brainstormed…  This design was simple enough that I could probably just make this myself and then order from a less expensive site, like VistaPrint.  I’m not super savvy with editing software, but I have downloaded Picasa 3, which is a completely free and easy to use.  It’s pretty basic, but gets the job done on for simple task like this.  And it’s free.  Did I mention that? The deal on VistaPrint was 10 cards for $10 for a slightly smaller size on cardstock when you upload your own design.  Still better than the $30 I was about to spend at Shutterfly, but… I only needed 15 cards and I would have to buy 20 at VistaPrint.  I knew I could do better yet…

vistaprint screen shot

Ok, so I had already had the design.  Why not just… print them as photos???  Am I a genius?  Well, maybe not.  BUT I sure felt like one when I thought of this.  {I am sure I am not the first to try this out}  It wasn’t the nice cardstock I like, but when I compared the cost, frugal won.  By a land slide.  I did make sure to select the matte finish.  I am not a glossy finish fan.

walgreens screen shot2

Yep, you read that right.  $1.80 TOTAL FOR 15 INVITATIONS.  That’s less than the cost of 2 from VistaPrint and less than 1 invitation from Shutterfly.  Thank you Walgreen’s Photo!  With shipping it was only $3.39!  I felt like a frugal goddess.

walgreens screen shot total2

Here is the final product, which I received in about 3 days:

marg invite (redacted)

There is no doubt I will still use Shutterfly many times in the future, especially for the photo books.  If you haven’t made a photo book, try Shutterfly!  Its so easy!  For now, I will bask in the glory of my sweet, thrifty success.  Mmm… Tastes like chocolate.

Thank you for reading!


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