Easy DIY Chandelier Makeover


“IIIIIII want to swiiiiing from the chandeliE-E-ER!”  I sure hope my daughter does not attempt that act with this cute one I re-did for her bedroom!  It was really easy and is definitely something that can be done in a day!

My parents did a swap with us when we replaced our dining room light fixture. We got this new from World Market:


We gave them our old light:

Mom and Dad's

And they gave us their old light:


My mom was a little surprised that I wanted it. But I had a hunch that my toddler who is all “princess this, princess that,” would love a fancy light in her room! Just not with those glass shades or 80’s/90’s brass.  How about some PINK!

I encourage anyone looking for a quick, inexpensive light fixture update to give this a shot. Almost any old light will do… You just have to find one that sparks your interest.  It may be in your home already – some friends of ours that recently bought a house with an outdated light and gave it new life with black spray paint.  Completely changed the appearance and it looks  brand new now!  See:

Kyla's Before

Kyla's After

{Thanks for the photos Kyla!}

Here’s what I used for this project:
°Old light fixture
°Spray paint primer
°Spray paint in the color of your choice {I used Krylon Ballet Slipper in Satin finish}
°Painters tape


Start by taking the light apart.  My parents were visiting and my dad likes being put to work, so he did this part for me.  I sadly was not strong enough to pull the chain apart…  We {well, my dad} removed most of the chain links so the chandelier does not hang low.  No swinging on this chandelier!


The chandelier looked like this after it was taken apart:


Next, cover the sockets with newspaper and secure with painters tape.  Then prime!  I did 2 coats of primer and only waited about 20-30 mintues between coats.  I was even a little tempted to leave it with one coat of primer, as I liked the look of white with a little gold showing through.  Make sure to get all of the pieces, including loose pieces and any part of the electrical cord that will be exposed once installed.



Then spray the color of your choice!  I did 2 coats.  If you can, hang the light from something so your arm doesn’t get tired holding it up.  I did not do that and the light got really heavy!


This chandelier had these candle-looking pieces to cover the sockets.  I painted them white {2 coats of the white primer} since they were a little dirty/burnt looking.  An egg cartoon and clothes pins worked well to hold them up while spraying them.  A few of them had little pieces broken off, but I’m really not that picky. {And neither is my 3 year old}




Since we opted not to reuse the original glass shades, we swapped out the bulbs for some frosted ones.


I let this dry until the next day before installing, but once it’s dry to the touch, you should be able to put it up since it will not be handled once installed.  Unless you do, indeed, swing from the chandelier.



What do you think???  Will you be transforming any lights in your home with spray paint?

Thank you for reading!


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