Sideboard Re-do


I am super excited to have some PEACH in my house!  I love the softness of a pastel peach.  It’s a color that’s not too bold and it takes me a looooong time to get tired of it.

Jeremy has been pressing me to add color to our décor for quite some time.  When we bought our home, I did just that!  Picked out paint colors for the dining room and living room.  And boy, am I bad at picking wall colors!  It never turns out how I imagined!  I ended up with an pumpkin orange dining room (and is probably my least favorite color???) and dark green living room (that I thought was grayish brown!).  I don’t even really like those colors so I have no clue how I chose them!

But that’s old news.  We’ve since covered those ugly colors with a light cobblestone gray now.  Our whole first floor actually.  Now Jeremy complains of lack of color again.  Ok.  I’ll give you color.  In the form of CHALK PAINT!


Ok, don’t laugh.  But what you are seeing are two tiny jars of orange and green paint.  Just the colors I was complaining about above.  But that (larger) can is full of white paint.  Mix it with a few drops orange and you get a beautiful, soft, pastel peach.  And, oh, chalk paint has the most beautiful matte finish!

I (now) know there are many DIY recipes for chalk paint, but I just bought some Annie Sloan from a local store.  It was relatively expensive, I believe $40 for the quart size and maybe $10 for the small “sample” jars.  Then you need the wax (maybe $20?  I can’t remember) and the special brushes (around $30)…  It adds up!  I think I spent over $100 on the above supplies!  Note:  We just used a regular paint brush for the actual paint.  I returned the wax brush and opted to use an old t-shirt to apply the wax instead, as advised by my mom.  Thanks mom!  Saved me $30!  Chalk paint supposedly stretches further than regular latex paint, however we had to do about 3 coats since we were painting a light peach on top of black.

I started by mixing the paint to the color I liked.  But somehow the rest of it ended up being mostly a husband project.  As much as he seems to despise projects, I think he secretly likes them since he usually takes over.  Or he just knows how easily distractible I am so he takes over to ensure completion.  Either way, I appreciate his hard work!


I forgot to snap a photo of the pre-painted furniture, but the above shows before the bulk of it was painted.  This sideboard/shelf/table/cabinet (whatever it is!) was a thrift store purchase when we were first married almost 6 years ago.  It was originally brown wood grain (not even solid wood) and the top actually extended about a foot on one side.  We chopped that off (who am I kidding, Jeremy chopped that off) and painted as shown.  There are two sliding doors as well, not picture above.  Soooo not sad to see this black/orange go!  (I swear… I don’t even like orange!  I thought it was a red shade on the swatch!  Why does orange keep creepin’ up on me!)


Boom!  Already much nicer!  So light and airy!


The chalk paint dries so fast!  And I forgot to mention, you don’t have to prep the surface before painting, just make sure it’s clean.

I loved walking in the door to this!  It lightened up our entry way a ton!


We didn’t paint the sliding doors right away, leaving them black.  It didn’t look too bad, actually.  The went back up for a while before they got painted to hide our shoes.  The only pics I had were from Marg’s first birthday smash cake photos.


Dang she’s cute.  And like I said, the black doors actually look pretty nice!

Keeping with the lighter, airy colors though, I went ahead and painted the doors white.  And for a touch of *bling* added some gold…



I found these gold half circle decals on Target clearance (I ♥ Target!) and felt inspired.  With the size of the decals relative to the size of the doors, I decided on putting the halves together and doing circles and I didn’t even use one whole package.


I’m still undecided if I love the gold circles.  But the nice thing is I can either flip the door around to plain white or just peel the decals off!  What do you think???

Oh, and that green paint pictured above was used for another project in our living room that I will feature soon!  Keep your eye out for it!

Thank you for reading!




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