5 Phrases To Reconsider Saying

  1. Have you lost weight? Though some may think this is a compliment, others may feel a little insecure about this remark.  Personally, I don’t want people to think that I’m paying attention to what they weigh.  They may be feeling Jeesh… Did they think I was FAT before???  A better compliment:  You look great!  Seriously, try telling someone that and just see how it makes them feel.
  2. I can’t afford that! Milk goes up 50 cents a gallon and suddenly people “can’t afford it” anymore?  Frankly this sounds a bit more like I can’t manage/prioritize my finances very well.  I mean, I will have the latest iPhone next month.  I just won’t be able to afford milk.  If you must say something, try: Man, I am going to have to adjust my budget for this month to account for the extra $5-10 I’ll be spending on milk for the month.  Sounds so much more sophisticated.  And, well, silly when you realize it’s just a few dollars a month change, it doesn’t seem so “unafforable,” does it?
  3. I don’t care!  Yes you do.  You care!  I don’t care what people think.  If you truly didn’t care, then you wouldn’t care if people thought you cared, so you wouldn’t need to make that statement.  But you do care.  What you really mean is It doesn’t bother me.  So say that instead.  It sounds much kinder and it’s much more accurate.
  4. I’m so tired!  We get it.  We are all tired at some point.  If this is a reoccuring theme in you life, maybe you need to make some lifestyle changes.  We all go through seasons of life that we are more exhausted.  {Just try having a newborn baby!}  When you are constantly complaining about being tired, people will get tired of hearing it.  If you are always more tired than everyone else, well, then… stop being a one-upper.  How ’bout that?  Life is tough for everyone at different points.  Try lying to yourself a little bit.  You may be surprised how much more energy you have when you tell yourself, I feel great!  Also, go to bed earlier, people!
  5. Are you pregnant? Okay, if you’ve done it once, you should have learned your lesson.  It is easy to mistakely make inaccurate judgements of others based on how things appear to you.  But if you’re contemplating asking someone how far along they are and it isn’t one hundred million percent clear they are with child, just don’t.  This also applies to someone who is sick.  Imagine you recently {and privately} suffered a miscarriage.  You get the flu and feel horrible sick.  Someone then excitedly sing-songily asks, Are you pregnant??? while raising their eyebrows.  Just be respectful of other’s privacy.  Not everyone is senstive about pregnancy discussion, but many more are than what people think.  Err on the side of caution and let people announce their pregnancy on their own time.

What’s something that you wish others would stop saying?  Or that you could stop saying yourself?  I’ve been working on I don’t care and I feel like avoiding that phrase really makes life more postive and less dramatic. Thank you for reading!


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